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When it comes to maintaining oral health and hygiene, you needn’t look any further than Kiln Lane Dental! Our St Helens dental gum clinic provides an array of treatments that can improve the quality of your teeth, don’t hesitate to find something suitable today!

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Kiln Lane Dental can help you to find the most effective gum treatment to ensure teeth and gums are healthy, ultimately preventing tooth loss, heart disease and bacterial infections. Our St Helens gum clinic specialises in early identification of gum disease, making sure that it is managed in the most suitable way.

At our St Helens gum clinic, you can expect our dentist to evaluate the condition of your teeth, assessing any potential damage. After this, we will remove the tartar from your teeth through professional dental cleaning. We use the latest techniques and equipment at our St Helens dental gum clinic, providing a local anaesthetic for nervous patients, ensuring that the treatment we provide is minimally invasive.

Bacteria that builds up on your teeth will cause your gums to inflame and swell and could lead to dental sensitivity. Our gum treatment for Gingivitis and gum disease is simple yet effective; you will need to make sure that you brush your teeth and gums daily, as well as regularly flossing and professional cleaning.

Here at Kiln Lane Dental, our gum treatment depends on the severity of your condition, we make sure that we provide you with the most effective treatment at our St Helens gum clinic.

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