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Root Canal treatment

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What is a root canal therapy (Endodontics)?
Root canal therapy is a treatment which is administered to avoid losing a tooth, by extracting any bacteria and infection from the root canal and pulp chamber.

When there is an infection within the tooth this affects the root canal system, which is located in the centre and root of the tooth. They are filled with tissue called dental pulp, which is in place to provide hydration and nourishment to the tooth – it also works as a reactant to hot and cold.

A deep infection in the root canal can be detrimental, as it affects the blood and nerve supply of the tooth. Root canal therapy can prevent further infection and avoid tooth loss.

When is a root canal needed?
If you are experiencing a severe level of pain in any of your teeth, you may need root canal therapy.

You are more susceptible to an infection if you have any teeth that have experienced damage such as cracks, tooth decay or even large fillings. If you have any of these issues, this will increase your chances of receiving a root canal.

In the early stages of infection, you may not suffer from any discomfort, although you may notice a change in the colour of your tooth, which could mean that the nerve in your tooth is at risk of dying.
If left untreated, this could result in extreme pain, and may even lead to tooth loss.

Here are some of the main symptoms to look out for:

• Extremely sensitive teeth especially when in contact with hot or cold substances
• Severe toothache whilst eating or during any other activity that puts pressure on the tooth
• Tooth discolouration
• Painful or inflamed gums
• Small bump on the gum near the infected tooth

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What is the root canal process?
At Kiln Lane Dental, our dental team will provide you with a root canal therapy in order to restore your tooth to its natural and healthy condition. The cost of this treatment starts from £350.

Before administering the treatment, one of our dentists will perform a thorough assessment of your tooth via x-ray to establish the cause of the problem.

Your mouth will then be numbed using a local anaesthetic to enable a pain-free procedure, and a rubber dam will be fitted to ensure the area around the tooth is dry and accessible.

Once the anaesthetic takes effect, your dentist will then begin to remove the infected tissue from your tooth.

A rubber compound is then used as a temporary replacement for the root canal tissue, as on your next visit you will be provided with a custom-fitted crown as a permanent replacement.

How to avoid root canal therapy
Any infection in the tooth can be extremely painful and damaging, which is why you should practice good dental care consistently, in order to avoid problems.

This involves visits to us here at Kiln Lane Dental for regular check-ups, as your dentist may notice something that you may have missed. This can help avoid future damage, as they may discover problems in the early stages, allowing you to avoid infection and endodontic treatments.

You should also try to reduce your sugar intake and maintain regular brushing and flossing to help prevent tooth decay.

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