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Tooth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening in St Helens

How does tooth whitening work?
Tooth whitening in St Helens is a continuous treatment that is administered to brighten the natural colour of your teeth, as well as remove stains and discolouration without harming the condition of your teeth. It is one of the most popular procedures we offer.

What are the different types of tooth whitening?
At Kiln Lane Dental in St Helens we offer the following teeth whitening services:

Zoom Whitening
This treatment is administered by a dental team who first of all apply a protective substance on your gums. They then used a specialised light to apply hydrogen peroxide gel to the tooth’s surface, which speeds up the whitening process.

This procedure is usually spread across one to three appointments, depending on the condition of your teeth and your whiteness preference. You will also be given home trays which will allow to carry on with the whitening treatment at home.

For the full zoom whitening treatment, including the home trays, it is £395.

Home Whitening
For in-home whitening, your dentist will provide you with a whitening gel that must be applied to your custom mouthpieces (these are made from impressions of your teeth, so they fit perfectly). In order to achieve your preferred shade, you must wear your mouthpieces for several hours a day until you are satisfied with results, which could appear in the first week or two.

For the full home whitening treatment, it is £230. Replacement whitening trays are just £25 each. Further information on our prices can be viewed on our fees page.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening is extremely safe, especially when it is given by a certified dental surgeon. However, some people do find that their teeth become sensitive during and after the treatment, although this can be easily resolved by using a sensitised toothpaste.

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There are some individuals who experience sore gums or white patches on the gumline, although these symptoms should subside within a few days of having the treatment.

How to maintain whiter teeth?
Teeth whitening treatments in St Helens are temporary procedures, although your teeth may maintain the level of whiteness for up to three years.

In order to maintain whiteness for as long as possible you should:

- Refrain from using mouthwash or coloured toothpaste within the first 24 hours of treatment
- Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste
- Reduce intake of dark-coloured drinks and food
- Avoid smoking - especially within the first week following treatment

Before and After
This patient opted for the home teeth whitening treatment. He was unsatisfied with the colour of his teeth and used this treatment to achieve a whiter smile in under two weeks.

Our expert dental team provided him with custom whitening trays after taking impressions of both his upper and lower teeth. The whitening trays were fitted perfectly to his teeth and he was then advised to use Zoom Night White gel every night whilst he slept, which gave rise to these amazing results:

laser teeth whitening st helens

At Kiln Lane Dental we offer exceptional and affordable teeth whitening services, which allow our patients to feel revitalised and younger-looking in a short amount of time.

For further information on our teeth whitening services, please contact us via email at or call us on 01744 25776.

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Case Study

This patient was unhappy with the colour of their teeth.



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