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Dental Hygiene

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If you want to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth, dental hygiene treatment is essential. Prevention is always better than cure and, thanks to the skills and expertise of your local dental hygienist, you can keep your teeth and gums feeling clean, bright and free from any issues.

What does dental hygiene treatment involve?
The role of a dental hygienist is two-fold. During a typical appointment, they will start by professionally cleaning your teeth and removing any stubborn or difficult to reach plaque and tartar. This is called a ‘scale and polish’ and it will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Direct Access

Dental hygienists and dental therapists can see patients without a prescription from a dentist for the full range of their scope of practice and our practice allows direct access by patients to see our hygienists.

Whilst we would always advise that patients see a dentist regularly for routine dental health examinations we do understand that some practices do not have access to a dental hygienist and we have many patients who see us for their routine oral hygiene care.

Our direct access fees are listed on our indicative fee list.

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They will then share their expert knowledge, perhaps offering a few tips on how to properly care for your teeth and demonstrating how to remove plaque and tartar by yourself. Your dental hygienist will also provide advice on general oral hygiene and they can recommend the best practices and products to keep your mouth feeling healthy in between dental hygiene appointments.

Professional dental hygienists at Kiln Lane Dental
Here at Kiln Lane Dental, we currently offer a range of dental hygiene treatments, including everything from a ‘classic clean’ to a high-powered ‘something special’ session with whitening.

Our team of dental hygienists combine their excellent knowledge with cutting-edge cleaning techniques, to achieve the best possible results. They also offer expert advice on how to maintain a bright and healthy mouth, kill mouth bacteria, and detect early signs of mouth cancer.

If you would like to find out more about our oral and dental hygiene appointments, or any of the other dental treatments currently available at our practice, please feel free to get in touch today!

The ‘Classic Clean’ – 15 mins @ £47.16

The ‘Classic Clean’ is a popular choice for those short of time but serious about their smile. This 15 minute clean will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The ‘Diamond Delight’ – 30 mins @ £86.00

The ‘Diamond Delight’ is a must for those who like that little bit extra. Following a Classic Clean and simple stain removal your teeth will be polished to a high gloss using diamond polishing paste to restore your teeth’s natural shine.

That ‘Something Special’ – 45 mins @ £134

Enjoy ‘Something Special’ – ideal for those with heavy staining (caused by smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, etc) or those who simply want to rejuvenate their smile for a special occasion. This combines our Classic Clean and Diamond Delight with a high powered yet gentle air polisher to remove the tougher stains.

That ‘Something Special’ with whitening

Why not choose a Philips Whitening option with that ‘something Special’ package and get set to smile with confidence.

‘Something Special’ with Home Whitening – DayWhite or NiteWhite @ £330
‘Something Special’ with In-surgery whitening – Zoom! @ £495

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