Why should I choose composite bonding?

Discover the top five benefits of composite bonding

Composite bonding is the modern way to repair damaged or unsightly teeth. It’s fast becoming one of our most popular treatments, here at Kiln Lane Dental – and we can’t say we’re surprised.

Often combined with tooth whitening, it creates an incredible ‘wow’ moment for our patients. The smallest changes can have a massive impact. And the procedure itself offers a range of advantages over alternative dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

If you’d like to repair chips, cracks, or discolouration, and create your dream smile, composite bonding should be at the top of your dental wish list. And here we take a closer look at why.


5 benefits of composite edge bonding

1. Impressive results

Composite edge bonding can be used to rectify a broad spectrum of flaws. The tooth-coloured resin is simply applied to the problem teeth, helping to restore their shape and improve their colour. Whether you have tiny imperfections in the shape and contour of your incisors, or severe gaps and cracked premolars, the process is exactly the same – and the results are always impressive.


Examples of composite bonding at Kiln Lane Dental


2. One visit to the dentist

No need to worry about time-consuming consultations and follow-up appointments. Dental bonding is a straightforward and fast cosmetic treatment. In fact, it only requires one trip to the dentist.

Very little preparation is needed before the resin is applied. And, once it’s in place, a high-intensity curing light is used to speed up the hardening process. This means you can comfortably bite down by the end of the appointment and, in as little as an hour, your smile can be completely transformed.


3. Non-invasive and pain-free

Not a fan of needles? That’s absolutely fine.

Composite bonding is a needle-free zone. Typically, anaesthetic and drilling will not be required, and the existing tooth enamel doesn’t need to be removed first. Therefore, not only is it a pain-free procedure, it’s also reversible. If you do change your mind about your treatment in the future, the resin can be easily taken off, without causing any permanent damage to your natural teeth.


4. Affordable

Pricing can be tricky for composite bonding. The cost varies depending on a range of factors, including the number of teeth affected and the final look you wish to achieve. But there’s one thing we can say for certain – it‘s a significantly cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers.

Whilst veneers start from £580, edge bonding starts from just £220 per tooth. And what’s more, here at Kiln Lane, we offer various 0% payment plans to make the treatment even more affordable.


5. Durable

Not only are the results of tooth bonding impressive, they’re also very long-lasting. Providing that you take good care of the composite resin on a day-to-day basis – and regularly visit your dental hygienist – the restoration can last up to 5-7 years before any further attention is required.


Man who has had composite bonding at Kiln Lane Dental


Interested in composite bonding?

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to improve the shape and colour of your teeth, composite bonding could be the solution – and we’re here to help. We’re highly skilled and experienced in this popular dental treatment and live for those spectacular ‘wow’ moments, when we lift the mirror and show our patients the unbelievable difference the resin has made to their smile.

To find out if you’re a suitable candidate, the best option is to give us a call on 01744 25776 and book a complimentary consultation. One of our expert dentists will examine your teeth and gums and advise on whether dental bonding is the best option for your requirements. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@kilnlanedental.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.