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Dental referrals

We successfully launched as a referral practice in January 2009 and have gone from strength to strength with many patients from around the North West benefiting from the treatments offered within the practice.

We provide a local and alternative referral service to city based clinics that allows our partner dentists to enjoy access to our services including implants, endodontics, periodontics and cosmetic treatments.

Our Promise:

The valued relationship we have with referring dentists across the North West is based on trust and ethics - two key elements of our well deserved reputation.

  • We will contact your patient immediately after receiving your referral letter
  • Your patient will be seen by us within two weeks of receiving your letter
  • After the first appointment you will be informed if further treatment outside of referral instruction has been identified and a copy of the diagnosis and treatment plan sent to you
  • Any questions, concerns or cases can be discussed with you by letter, e-mail or in person
  • At treatment completion you will receive a summary of treatment and outcome together with any follow up treatment or specific maintenance that may have been recommended
  • After completion of treatment your patient will be immediately referred back to your good care
  • You will also receive copies of any ongoing instructions that has been given to your patient regarding their continuing care and maintenance with yourself


Why Refer to us?

You will know that, as a dentist, there are times when you need to refer a patient outside of your practice but it is not always easy to hand your well cared for and respected patient to another dentist and feel 100% confident in doing so.

At our practice we promise that we will take the best possible care of your patient as we do with our own. Our clinicians' knowledge assures you and your patients of high quality dentistry delivered with compassion, empathy, understanding and high levels of customer service that is evident from first to last contact before returning them into your good care.

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