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St Helens hygienist Jo Rayka
Our dentists and hygienists use a combination of excellent educational skills alongside thorough treatment techniques to ensure patients maintain healthy mouths, teeth and gums for life. Our single-minded determination to tackle decay and gum disease – the two major causes of tooth loss - means we can break the traditional pattern of fillings and extractions.

Regular visits to Kiln Lane Dental will help keep your mouth in great shape, prevent bad breath and provide life-saving early detection of mouth cancer, which kills one person every five hours in the UK and is diagnosed in more than 5,000 people each year.

Whether it be a new suit for the interview to land your perfect job, a trip to the hairdressers before a girl’s night out or a touch of lip gloss before nipping to do the weekly shop, we all like to look our best, whatever the occasion.

Now, with a selection of treatments available, your smile can always look it’s best too!

The ‘Classic Clean’ – 15 mins @ £47.16

The ‘Classic Clean’ is a popular choice for those short of time but serious about their smile.  This 15 minute clean will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The ‘Diamond Delight’ – 30 mins @ £86.00

The ‘Diamond Delight’ is a must for those who like that little bit extra.  Following a Classic Clean and simple stain removal your teeth will be polished to a high gloss using diamond polishing paste to restore your teeth’s natural shine.

That ‘Something Special’ – 45 mins @ £134
Enjoy ‘Something Special’ – ideal for those with heavy staining (caused by smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, etc) or those who simply want to rejuvenate their smile for a special occasion.  This combines our Classic Clean and Diamond Delight with a high powered yet gentle air polisher to remove the tougher stains.

That ‘Something Special’ with whitening

Why not choose a Philips Whitening option with that ‘something Special’ package and get set to smile with confidence.

‘Something Special’ with Home Whitening – DayWhite or NiteWhite @ £330
‘Something Special’ with In-surgery whitening – Zoom! @ £495

“I would like to say a big thank you for giving me my smile back! Thank you for being so understanding and patient. I would confidently recommend your practice to anyone.”

SK, Ecclestone

    The best teeth you will ever have are your own and our well-established and trusted teoffers something very specialam has a dynamic approach to dentistry, which is reassuringly expert, consistent and ensures your dental health, wellbeing and appearance are safe in our hands.

  • keeping your gums strong takes tlc

    The light-touch clinic is our periodontal clinic that is a conveniently local, established and trusted provider of affordable high quality, hi-tech treatment for the prevention of gum disease.

  • look fabulous

    FAB, our facial aesthetics & beauty centre, will help you to look fabulous with fairly-priced, non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments that will provide you with a truly beautiful smile and more youthful appearance.

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