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Facial Aesthetics

Here at Kiln Lane Dental, we provide a variety of facial aesthetics to satisfy the most extensive needs and requirements. If you’re looking to soften your expression lines or to fill in any wrinkles, why not consider our wrinkle fillers?

The wrinkle filler is one of the most effective, naturally enhancing methods for targeting wrinkles and fine lines, restoring a sense of youthfulness. As well as this, the wrinkle filler we provide is a minimally invasive method for improving the look and feel of naturally ageing skin.

When it comes to defining facial contours, you can rest assured that Kiln Lane Dental has an ideal solution that suits your specific requirements. Our dermal fillers are used to improve the appearance of skin that has lost its elasticity and can provide definition to the cheek bones and fills any creases in the skin.

The wrinkle filler and dermal fillers we provide at Kiln Lane Dental are both an ideal alternative to cosmetic surgery, providing you with natural-looking results and little discomfort. If need be, we can provide patients with a local anaesthetic to make sure that treatment is comfortable!

In addition to this, the facial aesthetics are perfect for plumping the skin and generating a certain smoothness. Our facial aesthetics include lip fillers which restore the volume of lips that have thinned, they are perfect if you’re looking to make your lips thicker and fuller.

If you want to benefit from instant, long-lasting results- choose Kiln Lane Dental for facial aesthetics today. Simply call us on 01744 25776 to find out more!

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